We assist the government establishments ranging eGovernance consultancy solutions and offer them with system modules that play the imperative roles in satisfying public and social responsibilities, corporate concerns, and legislative requirements.

Our vast exposure to eGovernance settings is of significant worth in providing immaculate base for swift processes and deploying eminent operational environment in the Public sector organizations. We have integrated great facilities and performance utilities in eGovernance framework to help organizations get the eminent platform to operate and communicate within and beyond the departmental array.

In this line our services include policy analysis and implementation, threat and vulnerability assessments, emergency/crisis management planning, business continuity, and relevant training programs.

In the process of eGovernance Consultancy we design the most compliant set of solutions after deciphering and interpreting the varied needs of the organization, to fabricate it well with the consultancy baseline and aim at most value-defining deliverables for developing a robust system.

We have a dynamic, multidisciplinary and close-knitted team, combining leading members of our firm specializing in eGovernance consultancy, business process re-engineering, technology advisory and implementation and with extensive expertise and experience of consulting government setting.

Our ever-leveraging competencies in producing end-to-end consulting in big organizational setups, enterprise solution mapping and implementation, security and other niche and factorized solutions helps us to maintain the standards of our solutions in any infrastructural capacity, industrial proposition and work environment.

E-procurement: E-procurement (electronic procurement, sometimes also known as supplier exchange) is the business-to-business or business-to-consumer or business-to-government purchase and sale of supplies, work, and services through the Internet as well as other information and networking systems, such as electronic data interchange and enterprise resource planning.

  • e-Auctioning (forward or reverse)
  • e-Tendering
  • e-Bidding
  • e-Catalogs
  • e-RFQ
  • e-RFI or e-RFP
  • e-Order management
  • e-Contracting
  • ePayment
  • SMS
  • Email alerts

This system allow user to register and sell with wide range from single item to a large number of items.

Through our eminent IT consultancy services and diligent IT enablement we help organizations get the best IT infrastructural capacity in their functional environment and processing framework.

We help our client to evaluate and deploy new technologies most easily through our comprehensive IT consulting solutions. Many organizations lack resource, experience and capabilities to choose and implement new technologies.

In our IT consulting endeavor we make it a clinch to offer our clients with superior information management and security that ensure availability, scalability, reliability, and optimum performance, to enterprise-wide data warehousing.

These services include systems and web-based application development, website design and development, technical support, network services, data warehousing and business intelligence, systems administration, and project management. Our is web-enabled systems and applications that support their clients’ mission-oriented activities. Unibrain designs, develops, and maintains websites for clients to support their missions and goals, including technical assistance, online and onsite training, and meeting management.

In the gamut of IT consultancy solutions we offer:

  • Systems Integration
  • Networking
  • Enterprise Management
  • Asset Management
  • Security
  • Infrastructure Assessment for E-Business
  • Web design & development
  • Application Management
  • Application Migration
  • Software Testing
  • IT support and maintenance
  • E-learning
  • Web Presence Enhancement
  • Business Intelligence
  • Infrastructure Management
  1. Patented

    • We obtain the licence conferring a right title for a set period.
    • Especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention.
    • The technology patent is also owned by us from china.
  2. Prints more than 12,000 copies

    • It prints as per ISO / IEC 19752: 2004.
    • For traditional cartridge, Due to its positioning for a one-time consumables, the life of its accessories is only about 2-3 periods. But for CTSC, a lot of accessories are tailor-made from top brand supplier in the industry,
    • On the basis of good print quality, normally it can use for 6-10 periods.
    • In the future, with improvement of accessory quality, the life of CTSC will be increased too.
    • Our mould is exclusively, have the function of the waste powder recycle automatically.
    • Never need to dump waste powder, the filling operation is simpler, only Need to refill. The toner is complete sealed, the user won’t be hurt by toner powder, use more security.
    • The accessories are tailor-made, it has long service-life, up to 12,000pages.
    • 5% coverage is an ISO/ICE 19752: 2004 defined by the printing community of the world; this term is being used by each and every manufactory of printers and cartridge irrespective of brand and model.
  3. Eco Friendly

    • The refill is very safe for CTSC, it won’t pollute your hand, nor let you is breathe in the powder, there is no any harm for your body. Because there is no need to dump the waste powder, so it avoids the toner float in the air.
    • The air in the toner bin can be compressed into the waste powder bin through the channel. The filling is being ran from the filling mouth only.
    • In the meantime, filling mouth is complete sealed, under the dual function, the toner won’t float in the air.
    • The bottle is translucent, you can see the toner clearly in the bottle, and this will avoid the toner float when you finish the refill. , waste powder can recycle automatically.
    • During the print period, the waste powder can return to the toner bin through the channel.
    • This solve the problem of the pollution of waste powder.
    • The new powder and waste powder can mix well automatically. This avoid the part heap of returned waste powder. So through the combination of above three functions, the waste powder can recycle automatically for CTSC, never need to dump waste powder.
  4. Self – Refillable

    • It is very easy as filling ink into a pen.
    • CSTC Can be refilled by just to open the filling cover, Pour the powders, that’s all need not disassemble the toner cartridge. Needn’t to dump the waste powder.
    • Without any auxiliary tool. Everything is finished within 3 minutes easily. It’s more convenient than you change a new cartridge.
  5. Certified at ETDC Lab

    • ETDC is a recognized government laboratory under SQTC directorate, Ministry of communication and Information technology.
    • The test specification requirement is to print 12000+ pages with the prefilled cartridge along with five toner bottles.
    • The result of the same is, positive and it printed 13.596 prints.
  6. Product Quality

    • High quality of plastic used (bio gradable).
    • Drum is made of top brand.
    • Powder highly magnetized, fine quality, non-toxic.
    • Blade is from mitshubushi.
    • E-Wastage is reduced by 80%.

Traffic Data Collection

With hundreds of millions of vehicles — private, public and commercial — zipping by on Indian roads every single day, the need for macro as well as micro level data and its analysis has exploded. From businesses to governments, there is a massive requirement for yet faster delivery of information on vehicle volumes, freight movements, idification and operating characteristics on the geometric and structural design of roadways and bridges.

Our systems has been consistently found to be the best in the industry visa-vis following uses

  • Calculation of APC on highway toll plazas
  • Scheduling highway resurfacing, reconditioning, and reconstruction
  • Development of weight enforcement strategies
  • Analysis of alternative highway regulatory and investment policies
  • Feasibility analysis of new highway routes and projects

City Surveillance

Never before in human history has such a large slice of global population lived in the cities. By the middle of the 21st century, 3 billion more people will be added to the cities. Such a large urban population has already created unprecedented challenged for urban amenities, services and conveniences. Increasingly, law and order and crime management also assumes utmost significance with businesses and commercial establishments occupying large spaces in the urban areas.

City administrations across the world are constantly looking for smarter surveillance and monitoring infrastructural grids at yet lower costs of operation. Cities now compete with each other in offering the most technologically advanced secure environment for individuals and businesses alike to attract the best talent to take advantage of their services and choose to locate themselves and their businesses in.

We have gained vast experience to offer a wide array of Fibre Laying to the clients. Our experienced professionals apply maximum efforts in installation, testing & commissioning of the Fibre Laying. These services cater to the various requirements of different industries. Our services are well known for the cost effectiveness, reliability and prompt execution.


  • Offered by skilled professionals
  • Delivery within time frame
  • Effective customer support

A process used to determine the number and placement of access points (AP) that provides adequate coverage throughout the facility. With wireless systems, it's difficult to predict the propagation of radio waves and detect the presence of interfering signals without the use of test equipment. As a result, it's often necessary to perform a RF site survey to fully understand the behavior of radio waves within a facility before installing wireless network access points. The ultimate goal of a RF site survey is to supply enough information to determine the number and placement of access points that provides adequate coverage throughout the facility. In most implementations, adequate coverage means support of a minimum data rate. A RF site survey also detects the presence of interference coming from other sources that could degrade the performance of the wireless LAN.


  • Offered by skilled professionals
  • Delivery within time frame
  • Effective customer support

We are one of the leading organization engaged in providing excellent Pre Project Activities. Our main objective is to achieve the satisfactions of the clients. These services are rendered to our clients as per the project constraints like scope, time and budget.


  • Site Assessment and Surveys
  • Environment Impact Assessment
  • Preliminary Planning
  • System Studies
  • Feasibility and Detailed Project Reports

Owing to our rich industry experience and profound knowledge in this domain, we have gained expertise in presenting Telecom Services. The offered services are executed by adopting advanced methodologies, ensuring their seamless performance as well as flawless execution.

We are executing these services with the assistance of best industry experts. Moreover, customers can avail these services from us in various types as per their individual preferences.

Being a client-oriented firm, we are readily betrothed in presenting an unmatched quality gamut of Telecom Tower and Non Telecom Towers that is developed in compliance with industry laid guidelines.

Product Details:

  • Easy operation
  • Trouble free performance
  • Rugged construction
  • Precisely designed
  • Longer working life
  • Highly effective

For any telecom installation, integration, commissioning activities we can provide manpower supply in form of Riggers, Technicians, Engineers with full-fledged toolkits on half yearly or yearly basis. Customer Service, being the backbone of an industry, we see to it that we value our clients and do our best to see their value being associated with us. We believe in giving our clients good value for their money with an assurance of dedicated & well-executed services. We have stage wise inspections. Our high standards eliminate the faults at every stage, so that only the best pass on to the next.

We adhere to certain Quality Norms as bellow:

  • Quality of work
  • Good workmanship
  • Experienced Man Power for Quality Jobs
  • Inspection at every stage of work
  • Timely completion of project

We are backed with rich industry experience and knowledge that assist us in providing Telecom Tower Maintenance. Our professionals undertake highly effectual Maintenance Service to install, repair and paint various masts. Our efficient team members install these masts within agreed time. In addition to this, we also give our service as required, like maintenance and dismantling of masts/towers.


  • Visits the site on regular basis
  • Inspects the mast carefully
  • Timely execution.

Being a client-oriented firm, we are readily betrothed in presenting an unmatched quality gamut of Telecom Tower and Non Telecom Towers that is developed in compliance with industry laid guidelines.

Product Details:

  • Easy operation
  • Trouble free performance
  • Rugged construction
  • Precisely designed
  • Longer working life
  • Highly effective

While providing our clients with management consultancy solutions we precisely create them to address the individual business needs and offer easy, effective and robust framework of planning and decision support system that helps them protect, follow and control the organizational virtues, policies and objectives most competently.

We make it further more result-oriented with our expert assistance, technical guidance and our seamless and continuous support.

Management consultancy solution we offer dynamically reports to your urging new-age business needs that are globally active and are exposed to ever rising competition. We take into consideration the ever ranging technological compliance and organizational architectural needs for communicating seamlessly within and otherwise.

Keeping that in mind we devise most ardent structures of management reference and plan most flexible and effective series of communication. We offer the most significant techniques and incorporate them vitally into our organizational capacity with utmost smoothness. In that line of offering we introduce the latest communication framework and design most diligent mechanism for the decision makers to help in making fast and accurate decisions and implement them appropriately at different management scenarios.

Our management consultancy program is thoroughly referred to the organization's project life-cycle process that enables management to provide effective corporate governance and enhance the effectiveness at different levels of execution.

We form the most authentic arrangements of tools and support system that help executives get optimum advantage while processing and communicating at different points and levels of management protocols.

Our eminent business consulting services has helped different organizations realize best of the benefits from their strategic management affairs and operational policies. We have not only designed the business plan and working model for them but also streamlined their departments to get best of the infrastructural and hierarchical support. We have always worked in a consolidated framework while providing a business with right facilities and technical competence to fetch optimum benefits from their operations and applications. In this process we have developed and initiated strategic and operational planning that extensively include relevant program knowledge to develop effective strategic and tactical plans for improving a client 's operations.

The experts implement Unibrain's Strategic Planning Process that enables organizations to make day-to-day decisions based on performance-based criteria and measurements. Unibrain 's process involves environmental assessments, defined critical success factors with clear and measurable objectives, and detailed implementation plans.

We also assist organizations to cost-effectively deliver clinically-appropriate and culturally-competent quality care in the products and services they offer. While delivering knowledge on this we also touch the financial object of the business and orient it with the key elements like assessment, managed-care contracting, service unit cost discovery (revenues, expenses and cash flow), reimbursement, accounts receivable, office management, personnel management, practice productivity, marketing, and customer relations.

For business to get the positive response from their corporate proceeding and make market matrix to behave in favor it needs to be treated well with Event Planning and Support. This includes budget development, site and speaker contract negotiations, agenda and program development, schedule design, site selection, registration management, transportation coordination, audio-visual services, conference materials, event promotion, onsite logistics, speaker services, meeting analyses, and recommendations for future events.

We employ most stringent processes of selection through meticulous reference and filtration processes. With our comprehensive and astute resource consultancy programs we have not only provided the right employment structure to the organizations but also the departmental flexibility and proper order of communication. Our standardized and meticulous processes help us to offer you with the right fit to the right job most effectively.

We understand the organization’s needs thoroughly before providing the resource consultancy solution to our clients. These help us placing the right skills at the right order of the work structure and fill the gaps and add to the competency of the organizational structure most prolifically.

We help you plan the apt work architecture of your existing organizational structure and add the needed thrust by employing these resource consultancy practices:

  • Competency Mapping
  • Mentoring
  • Performance Evaluation and Linking with Reward Systems
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Training Evaluation
  • Recruitment

We have our built-in wing working remotely and deputed at client-sites dedicated towards Resource Consultancy for those organizations. We have standardized processes for employee selection, staffing and appraisal and enabled organizations with substantial resources that just fit the organization’s needs accurately. We take it to another level of benefit for our clients by integrating it with our custom-fitted professional training and orientation programs. We provide customized man power solutions to the clients of diverse industries. Our Human Resource Consultancy caters to all the industrial sectors including Call Centre / BPO, Top Management/ HR, Financial, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Sales & Marketing, Telecom / Technology/ ISP, Retail, Tour & Travel, Banking etc.

In order to reduce an organization’s risk through efficient and effective project initiation, planning, execution, control, and closing the proper training, employee orientation and facility building services are the must. We train the workforce to utilize the planned modules and related tools most advantageously.

We have the hands-on-experience in providing training across different utility and industrial factors of individual organizational needs. We have eminent trainers coming from different industrial backgrounds and having resourceful capacities to deliver sound technical and conceptual training to organizational settings.

The entire system of training and processes that are involved are standardized and attained after a thorough requirement analysis and understanding the previous methods of work and focusing on the key areas like adaptability, usage, benefits, focal parameters and integration techniques.

Our intelligently designed training and orientation program train them to utilize the organizational resources in prolific manner. With our comprehensive training lessons they learn to manage and handle components of work activity, including core processes of scope, cost, time, human resources, risk, quality, communications, and contracts most effectively.

Our Training and Facility Building Services exhaustively involve these factor propositions:

  • Conference/event planning and logistics with Certified Meeting Professionals
  • IT-based solutions that enhance program and mission-oriented services
  • Onsite training and distance learning and communication options
  • Project management with PMI-certified Project Management Professionals
  • Quality improvement and performance measurement

mBanking solution is a secure, SIM-based mobile banking solution allowing complex banking transactions on the mobile device even without the use of a smart phone. Through the use of our product, financial institutions can issue their mBanking solution independent of the Mobile Network Operator on the ultra slim form and have it inserted in the user's mobile device for use.

In this way, the financial institution can offer highly customized and secure solutions to their end users. The mBanking slim SIM card functions as a native banking application, security authentication form factor, and a Hardware based OTP generator all in one card.

It provides the financial institution the option of offering secure mobile banking to their users with highly affordable infrastructure investment and allows extensive banking services such as money transfers, P2P payments, and bill payments to their users.

Key Features:-
  • Bank-issued security token for Mobile Banking.
  • Bank-issued low-cost authentication device.
  • On-Device Security Token: Secure generation of codes such as OTP on the mobile device with a bank-issued hardware directly in the device.
  • Supports Time, Event, or Challenge based OTP scenarios.
  • Chip is compliant with international certifications including CCEAL5+, FIPS-2, and EMV.
  • Compatibility: able to work with most devices from feature phones to the newest smart phones.

Our e-Payment gateway e-Unipay authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses, online retailers etc. and also facilitates a payment transaction by the transfer of information between a payment portal (such as a website, mobile phone etc.) and the front end processor.


Ministry of Environment

Department of Post

Border Security Force

Government of Gujarat

IRCON Infrastructure


Government of Himachal Pradesh


IIM Ranchi


North Eastern Council

Income Tax Department


Ministry of Road Transport and HIghway

Punjab National Bank

Broadcast Engineering Consultants India

Land Port Authority of India

Central Industrial Security Force

Containr Corporation of India



Central Warehousing Corporation

Telagana Warehousing Corporation

Indian Railways

Vidhata Transformers PVT LTD

Dev Salts,Maliya Rajkot Gujarat


Government of Bihar

Government of Jharkhand

Government of West Bengal

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Delhi Metro

Government of chhattisgarh

Gorvernment of Uttarakhand

Delhi University

Mahabir Salts, Jamnagar, Gujrat

Voyage Manpower Consultancy PVT. LTD

Madison Buildcon India Private LTD