Since its inception, Unibrain has focused on enhancing the productivity and profitability of its clients. We serve as an extension of each client's management group, providing opportunities to recognize trends and set direction that will lead to the attainment of each firm's respective goals and the on-going achievement of targeted results.

Our services include advising the Government of India on issues of strategic importance such as architectures, standards, localization, PKI infrastructure etc. Apart from playing a strategic advisory role, we also help central and state governments to improve the delivery of government services, design IT systems to enhance internal efficiencies, and develop leadership capability and skill-sets within the Government. A more important task which engages our attention is to build up nationwide capacities for capacity building through institutional partnerships with government as well as private partners.

Our consultants bring experience and expertise from industry, government and a variety of other backgrounds to enhance Unibrain's consulting capability. To support our clients, we are partner with the best consulting firms to develop e-Government solutions having far-reaching impact. Our teams work with client staff at all levels, from the frontline to the senior-most, knowing what will work and how to make it happen.

Unibrain Consultancy Service Private Limited is founded with a vision to provide exceptional consultancy service to government departments. We are also dealing with Laser Printer Toner Cartridges which is patented. It prints as per ISO / IEC 19752: 2004 more than 12000 pages.