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Why Unibrain


Since its inception, Unibrain has focused on enhancing the productivity and profitability of its clients. We serve as an extension of each client's management group, providing opportunities to recognize trends and set direction that will lead to the attainment of each firm's respective goals and the on-going achievement of targeted results.

Web Technologies

We develop Enterprise Web Applications where innovation meets design in web development. We develop web applications that are secure, scalable and responsive in nature.

Our Application Enhancement and Maintenance Service is a complete solution for Hosting, Controlling, Enhancing and Safeguarding the value of Clients’ Applications that span across technologies, platforms, & frameworks.

Our e-Procurement system is built using latest cutting edge web technologies.

Web Performance

Web performance is a critical priority for enterprises today, as users expect instant, secure and reliable access to online content, from any device and any location.

Poor web performance such as slow page loads or content that is not optimized for mobile devices can have a lasting adverse impact on revenues, brand, and employee productivity.

Our product development is focused completely from the end users perspective, which in turn takes care of responding to users quickly as per below metrics: 

i.Our products allows at least 500 concurrent users to login and transact at any point in time.

ii.All APIs’ response time is as per industry standards.

iii.Acknowledge user input in less than 100ms.

iv.Produce a frame in less than 10ms when animating or scrolling.

v.Deliver interactive content in fewer than 1000ms to keep users engaged.


Our e-Procurement system has been tested and audited by STQC and found in compliance with “Guidelines for compliance to quality requirement of e-Procurement System dated 31st August 2011”, relating to Functionality, Security, Performance, Usability, Interoperability & Transparency including:

a) CVC Guidelines as per Annexure–II of DeitY guidelines.

b) GFR 2015 as covered by Annexure-III of DeitY guidelines.

c) IT Act 2000 as covered by Annexure-IV of DeitY guidelines and all amendments.

All key OWASP related security features including but not limited to the following have been successfully implemented: 

i.SQL Injection.

ii.Broken Authentication & Session Management.

iii.Sensitive Data Exposure.

iv.Under protected.

v.Using components with known vulnerabilities.

vi.Broken Access Control.


Responsive design allows your website to adapt to the device your users are viewing it on.

The reasons you should move across to responsive design continues to grow. It saves you time, it saves you money, and best of all enables your user to access your content the way they love.

All our software products are responsive in nature, which render uniformly across devices of different sizes such as Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, & Mobile Phones etc.


Our software products are having centralized architecture which allows any Organization to have a setup for all their Departments at any given Locations, Zones, Circles, Divisions, and Sub-Divisions levels. The centralized architecture makes the system more robust for any Organization to run their e-Auctions and e-Tenders across States and centrally efficiently.

Main features of our architecture include but not limited to: 

A. Allow same access between 2 or more departments’ users to view data/take actions as per their organizational needs.

B. Allow all hierarchy level access to the top level authority as per the needs.

C. Create Groups/Committees for various actions and assign users to the group/committee to take actions accordingly.

D. In case of an absence of users, assign other users to the Group, which has an appropriate role level access to take actions as needed.

E. Various other backend features to enable/disable/configure business rules as per the e-Auction and e-Tendering functionality requirements.

DSC Setup

Our DSC authentication feature makes it a complete reliable and secured system, which in any way is not vulnerable as opposed to the JAVA Applets way of handling it.

Our new way of handling DSC authentication brings in lot of other value additions as mentioned below:

a) Supports all internet browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge etc.

b) Additional Transaction Password Security makes it more secured from any vulnerability.

c) Physical device (DSC) is not mandatory for every transaction as opposed to the conventional way of handling it.

d) Completely delinks risk with external software dependencies. No need to install any plug-ins. No restriction of any Java version to make the DSC authentication work.

CMS Content management system

Our products have CMS (Content Management System) which enable the users and Organizations to handle below features. 

a) Setting up or configuring home page for Announcements, NEWS display and any other specific Downloads to be included on the homepage. Downloads can be referring to external link to any software or internal link to any templates or documents.

b) Update version number, copyright information in footer, Logo or banner colors, icons etc.

c) Change system labels (fields) to match their terminology as per their needs.

d) Change text messages content as per their needs.

e) Change e-mail content of the system for various trigger points as per their needs.

f) Change dropdown values (add/remove/edit) across the system as per their needs.

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